How to block unwanted calls and messages on Android using SECUREit

Last Updated on April 5, 2016

In my earlier guides,  I have written how to block spams messages using blacklist but I had the feeling that it seems complicated owing to its non simple user interface.

Today, I will be introducing a multi-functional Android tool that takes in incoming calls and text messages in its spam chest and awaits for your moderation. It is called SECUREit originally from Lenovo inc.

SECUREit is a great app that does premium tasks for FREE. The main features of SECUREit are

Privacy Guard
Data usage counter and firewall blocker
Memory speed up and startup booster
Privacy space
Anti-theft/Anti virus
Parental control .

Sadly.  We will only be introducing the Anti-Spam feature.  In other to start using this feature, you should have gotten a copy from either Play store or direct link below. Lets assumed that you have downloaded and installed SECUREit on your device or you could click here to download.

Open SECUREit, then tap on Anti-Spam. You will  see two tabs showing “Spam SMS” and “Spam Calls” and also gear icon at the top. You will proceed to configure how SECUREit manages incoming sms and cals.

Tap on the gear icon at the top right to open Intercept Settings. You will only need to configure three things here.  They are
Anti -Spam Service
Blocking Mode
Blacklist and Whitelist

Now, for “Anti-Sapm Service,  slide the icon to right to enable it. The color should change from gray to blue.
Proceed to Blocking Mode.  Here you have three options to select one.

Block BlackList Only
Allow Contacts Only
Allow WhiteList Only

My recommendations for now is “Block BlackList Only”. BlackList will contains
numbers and contacts that are not allowed. Choose “BlackList” and press OK.
Now,  go back to “Blacklist and Whitelist”, tap to open. Now click on “Add”. From the options shown,  we are going to choose two out of the four.

Import From Incoming Calls
Import From SMS History.

For Calls,  choose “Import From Incoming Calls”, select calls from call history you would wish to block and press OK.

For sms,  choose “Import From SMS History”, select messages from your inbox you would wish to block and press OK.

Now,  your phone is set to block unwanted messages and calls. You are required to import calls or sms whenever a new numbers calls or sends message.

In case you will never wanted to receive calls from numbers that are not in your contacts, you should “Allow Contacts Only” under blocking mode.  To view blocked history,  just tap on “Anti-Spam”. Here,  you can read the messages or delete.

How do you know when SECUREit blocks calls or sms?  You will be notified by an icon in your notification bar.

In case of complications, all you need is your feedback below.

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