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How to Install and Use Country Restricted Android Apps without root

Whatever reasons why certain countries are denied access to certain apps on Google Play Store is a story for another time. You remember apps like Pokemon Go, Spotify, TextNow and many of them denied installs to certain countries but you don’t need to worry about them any longer. We have got you insured. There are […]

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5 Best Photo Editor for Android (FREE)

Image: Freepik You needn’t to worry much about your camera output qualities on Android any longer. Some Android smartphone come with a very low camera pixel with obviously poor performance during shooting. Here, I have made some few lists of 5 best photo editor for Android to take off those ugly feeling about your smartphone’s […]

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Customize Your WhatsApp like a Pro with GBWhatsApp+ Plus on Android

Earlier, WhatsApp blocked users using WhatsApp+ Plus as a result of high bandwidth usage. Those WhatsApp mod developers added some damaging codes that send duplicated chats over WhatsApp’s main server. As a result of that, users using that mod were giving a 24hours ban. Luckily, GB Team has fixed these bugs from the earlier WhatsApp […]

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How Android developers make money from their apps and games

Image: Andromo Some days ago, I posted on Facebook “how Pokemon has generated a $440millions in less than 3 months from its #1 grossing game in the world”. Few friends were like wow! How do they actually get this kind of money. Other game companies like Glu mobile, EA games; Temple Run, Candy Crush, Angry […]

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10 Must Have Useful and Productivity Free Android Apps You Should Get Now

Aside from our daily engagements on social and community apps, there are still other features or categories you should consider alongside. This post will take us to useful and productivity Android apps one should be get to spice up your daily experience on Android. These useful and productivity Android apps offer premium features but they […]

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Lens Launcher turns your Home screen into a zooming display

I have used many Android Home screen replacements (Launchers) but Lens Launcher has proven unique. It looks like that of Nokia Z launcher but it is not. Instead of scrolling long lists or swiping through multiple pages, Lens Launcher displays all of your apps, regardless of screen size or app count. Lens Launcher also […]

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How to evaluate which charger is best for your battery before buying it

Have you wondered what has been going on with your various mobile phone chargers? You have changed many chargers to no avail because they either take a long time to charge your phone or they add nothing to your battery. I earlier made a post on why your phone do not charge. Ampere is an Android […]

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Amazing features you would need to know about WhatsCall

WhatsCall is a smart calling app from Cheetah Mobile (CM). You don’t need to be confused with WhatsApp call and WhatsCall because they are different apps. WhatsCall is not a SIP call client –  a communications protocol for controlling multimedia communications (Voice, Video) over the internet protocol (IP) which usually require compatible receivers. It allows […]

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Parallel Space – Manage your multiple social accounts

This is neither a trick nor hack. Unlike WhatsApp plus that allows you to install and use two WhatsApp accounts if you could remember which was a hack. Parallel space offers you the best, smooth and comfortable alternative to manage your multiple accounts for FREE. Parallel space is an Android app that let you run […]

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How to extract texts from images into editable texts on Android

Android would not stop surprising its users with the sophisticated features you thought that would not be possible with a mobile phone. I earlier wrote how you could copy text from social apps or other apps, must have productivity apps based on their needs and values they offer. Yet we are still unable to cover […]