How to Install and Use Country Restricted Android Apps without root

How to Install and Use Country Restricted Android Apps without root

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Whatever reasons why certain countries are denied access to certain apps on Google Play Store is a story for another time. You remember apps like Pokemon Go, Spotify, TextNow and many of them denied installs to certain countries but you don’t need to worry about them any longer. We have got you insured.

How to Install and Use Country Restricted Android Apps

There are many ways to install apps that are restricted in one’s country. Some of them would need one to root, install VPN or through third party apps hosting websites and blogs. In this post, I have covered method that will work 100% for you. You don’t need to worry about privacy infringement or cracked apps.
NOTE: I would not recommend searching apk files on the internet because their sources cannot be trusted. Some of them might be recompiled with some malicious code to hurt the users especially getting paid apps for free.

Ways to Install Country Restricted Android Apps effectively, NO ROOT REQUIRED

Install Country Restricted Android Apps
1.  Using a VPN
VPN proxies one’s location with some random free virtual IP’s allowing one to mask his/her identity by surfing anonymously. Anonymous browsing is not a bad practice. In one of my practices, Opera VPN, Rocket VPN has been wonderful. Hola VPN is not a bad choice but it only requires one to surf within the app.
Opera VPN to install country denied apps

I would recommend Opera VPN because it is free and never complains about saturated locations. You can change to any location or country of your choice. Below are the steps to use Opera VPN for Android. 
  • Install Opera VPN from Play Store. 
  • Open the VPN after install and tap Connect. You have to tap OK to allow vpn connection. Once connection is successful, you will see message like “You are connected to United States”
  • Open your Launcher App drawer and look for Play Store. 
  • Tap and hold on Play Store until it shows options like App info or Uninstall. You can simply go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store
  • Slide Play Store onto App info to view its details.
    Note: We want to clear all current information stored in Play Store. We will perform two operations
  • Tap on CLEAR DATA and then FORCE STOP.
  • Open any mobile browser and search for the specific app. You can also use Play Store.
  • Click only one result pointing to…Then open the link with Play Store.
  • You should be able to install your app.

These two apps have gotten global recognition in terms of relevance of apps. They don’t offer paid apps for free. Their apps change logs show the trends of apps and releases. Unlike websites that gives users paid apps for free, Aptoide, Blackmart,…they have strict adherence to apps developers. 
All you need to do is, visit either APKMIRROR or APK4FUN and search any apps or games. They have tons of them to offer. You don’t need to perform method 1 before visiting any of these websites. Make sure you have allowed app installs through unknown sources.

Using Country Restricted Android Apps

Some apps don’t stop at downloading and installing them only. Apps like TextNow allows only USA users to use the app. This is always strictly during sign up or sing in. To bypass this, you would use OPERA VPN anytime you need to use the app. You can still try and see if it works without connecting to VPN after signing up.

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