Why AliExpress Items Bought from Same Seller are not Delivered same day

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Have you wondered why different items you bought together from the same AliExpress seller, hoping to receive them at the same time were not delivered same day? I have thought about it over and over until I extensively got the reasons why AliExpress buyers may not receive items bought together from one seller at the same time.

There are few (3) reasons why AliExpress items bought from same seller are not delivered to you same day. We have shared them in this guide as you read along. You can as well check AliExpress Order Tracking & Everything You need to know A-Z

Why AliExpress items bought from same seller are not delivered to you same day.

Reasons why AliExpress Items bought from same Seller are not delivered same time

  1. Weight and nature of order
  2. Shipping method
  3. Freight Shipping Evaluation

1. Weight and Nature of orders

Weight of items one bought on AliExpress is considerable especially when it involves multiple orders by same buyer from the same store. The lesser the weight of items bought together, the more chance they are to be shipped together.

This is more sensitive in the shipping method chosen as you will learn from our next reason why AliExpress items bought from same seller are not delivered to you same day.

If I bought iPhone X pouch and a power bank, there’s chance that they would be shipped together because their weights and prices are not too significant.

If I bought two same NaviForce watches probably with varying colors, there are some confidence that they would be shipped together. The reason is because the shipping cost has been added on the cost of the watches and they are from the same checkout.

There is a difference in buying in bundles and repeatedly buying different items from the same store. Repeatedly buying different items from the same store could be buying different models of NaviForce watches at different time.

Buying in bundles is when an AliExpress seller sells more than one items in a single checkout. This could be buying different colors of wrist watches of one particular model, buying multiple different items as a discount by the seller.

Bundled orders are more likely to be shipped together than items bought differently from the same store. If an item is bought differently, they are sent to the sellers at different times. They may not have the patience to check if they were actually bought by the same person and same address unlike when you buy them in bundle at the same time.

2. Shipping method

Shipping method is another factor that may delay the delivery of items bought from the same AliExpress store. The cheapest and most time, free shipping method is AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Depending on the shipping method, attentions are giving to them. If DHL, FedEx are your shipping option, there will be greater priority in how the items are repackaged and shipped.

Unlike standard shipping, the items could be separated in order to reduce the weight so that they could be marked as gifts and shipped differently.

3. Freight Shipping Evaluation

In a case where your items are separate (packaged separately), there is huge chance that they could be shipped separately depending on how the freight workers evaluate items on freight.

When items are brought to the Airport and then accepted to be shipped to the destination country, there are few things they do. It is obvious that there might be other items which are already arranged for shipping on cargo. In this way, they might just need few other parcels to complement other parcels in the flight.

In this case, if your items came in different packages from the seller or repackaged differently at the airport (they needed to check your items for control reasons), then the chances that one of your items would be picked is there.

If one of your items are picked against the other, then they would be shipped differently. The time range may not be much.

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