Why my AliExpress Item is marked as a Gift?

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Earlier, we wrote an article onĀ why AliExpress Item Price is not the same when received. This post is almost exact to what we discussed. You may check it out.

If you are anxious about why your item is marked as a gift even when you paid for it, then the simple answer is to either qualify for a free shipping with AliExpress Standard Air Mail shipping.

In item package, there are four options;


  1. Gift
  2. Document
  3. Commercial sample
  4. Others

The gift option is a way to tell delivery company that the item is a gift which is considered to be given a special treatment. But when the weight of your item is more than what is recommendable for free shipping, you may still be charged.

So having your item as gift does not mean that you didn’t pay for it or your item is underrated to be marked as a commercial sample.

From the options above, gift is a better option than a commercial sample. You can check our article on AliExpress order tracking as explained in details.

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