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Last Updated on October 5, 2015

Today, blogs have become alternatives to sharing information in form of articles, news feeds, entertainment posts etc. Most journalism are using blogs instead of conventional websites because it is lightweight, content management, realtime updates and WYSIWYG editors.

A blog is an informational site published on internet . It is not something very different,but same thing as a website. The difference is that everything you need has been prepackaged whenever a fresh installation is made. No need for hardcore web programming, you don’t need to be expert in web design. Blogs have backend and frontend interface, you login to your dashboard, create an article/post, then publish it to the world. You could add additional plugins or themes for better appearnce. A blog can discuss personal details, entertainment, Lifestyle, communication, Food, Politics etc. Your visitors may be given a room to like, leave responses, share your posts.

Then, creating blog without paying a dime…

Two popular blogging systems are

  1. Bloggers
  2. WordPress

Blogger is a blog publishing service that allows multi-use blogs with time-stamped entries. Bloggers from Google bacame  popular blogging platform in 2003. Individual’s interest wasn’t because of its blogging features but its extra features offered by Google. You could integrate Google Adsense in your pages, Custom Google search module and Google adword. Ezine article was similar to Blogger. You publish articles, readers read, then you get paid from your article. Also WordPress came in.

Examples of blogs created by Bloggers are :

Examples of blogs created using wordpress

Now, decision to choosing either of the two comes. Blogger offers Google adsense, Google adsense has extended to wordpress. You can set up your blog using Google publisher plugins. Both of them have the features of using self hosted domain. Self hosted domain means custom websites. Instead of using lindaikeji.blogspot.com, you use lindaikeji.com. But you have to be paying them on monthly or annual basis depending on your subscription plan.

The only downside of this free blog is that you need to be connected to the internet whenever you are working with your blog. Unlike self hosted blogs, you can do everything offline ie In your computer without been connected to the internet. It is somewhat better because it gives you the ease to relax, write your posts/articles without rushing to beat network problems, proof read your articles before being publised online. But here, it requires a good knowledge of web design. You need to create a database, run on a local server, change SQL details before uploading to the server. It may call for an expert for a fee.

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