How to receive more than 1000 WhatsCall Credits everyday

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

WhatsCall Credits

WhatsCall has been my best daily app. I need not to worry about buying airtime for my calls any longer except when network becomes bad. With free WhatsCall credits, i make calls like I am a boss. The free WhatsCall credits can accumulate by following these simple tricks i normally use to accumulate enough credits.

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To get up to 1000 WhatsCall credits everyday requires patience. Remember, you don’t need to “Tap & install Apps, invites Friends or Complete Tasks” to get this amount of credits. From my tricks, i accumulate most of my WhatsCall credits through sponsored ads and a daily check-in.

Accumulate more than 1000 WhatsCall credits through Ads and 100 units/Check-in

Today is Tuesday. Lets assume that you have your 100 unit free daily credits. Make sure that you have got the latest version of WhatsCall (from version

WhatsCall has a spinning wheel that has from 10 credit units to 1000 credit units. Whenever you spin, a GO marker rotates with the wheel until it stops pointing to what credit unit you have earned. At initial, it gives you a 70secs to 120secs interval before ads from Admob can show up.

The real deal

more whatscall credits

Tips: When you have gotten your daily 100 units, do not spin the wheel. Under Checked In, you should see the remaining seconds before you can spin your wheel. Wait until it disappears and then tap on GO to spin. You might be greeted with “Slow down a little! Relax & check out this Ad first”. Just tap “GOT IT” and relax a bit.

Once you have tapped “GOT IT”, your ad will pop up. DO NOT CLICK YET

There is what they call Ads Impression. It is calculated by how you react to the ads display. If you close the ad just like that, i reduces your chances of increasing your WhatsCall credits. Lets just wait for few seconds, pretend to have clicked on the ad and go back. You should see a 5 rating stars. You will be rated depending on the ad impression and click. If you have waited, pretended to have clicked the ad and back again, your star should be rated at least 3/5.

Just now, I Have got 5 stars!!!

Now, you stars should be sitting beside GO button. Wait till the Admob timer disappears. Tap on it to spin! It is either you get 100, 200, 500 credits or you get 50, 100 or Thanks. DO not give up if you got 10 credit units. Keep trying this same trick over again.

more whatscall credits
more whatscall credits
more whatscall credits

A better trick hour is usually in the afternoon.

NOTE: Your WhatsCall credit will not be lost if you changed phone, factory reset your device. To get additional 300 WhatsCall credits, complete you profile. You can receive 1000 credits on any invite you make.

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