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  • How to see every posts from your Facebook besties 2017

    As Facebook has kept connecting us to our family, close friends, college or high school mates; same way that it has kept connecting us to people around the world and making real friends. On social media, one wouldn’t like to miss any single post or tweet by one’s distant bestie. They will always want to […]

  • How to hide phone numbers on Facebook from Friends or Public

    How would you feel when someone woke you up in the middle of the night for just no special appointment. Facebook allows you to enter your phone number either as recovery option, in-call option or for people to connect you off Facebook. Not everyone would like his/her phone number to be visible on Facebook for […]

  • How to stop Friends, Friends of friends from stealing your Facebook friends

    I guess it sounds hilarious to you? Well, I got a request from our page visitor that he wants to block friends from stealing his friends on Facebook. I had the same thought with you earlier but I figured out that I have written some Facebook privacy tips in older post. Here might be your […]

  • How to disable Facebook Instant Articles

    Looking for a way to disable Facebook Instant Articles on your blog either Blogger, WordPress or any other CMS. This guide contain all the steps in bits to disabling Instant articles on your website. As we know that Instant Articles is a feature from  Facebook for use with collaborating news and content publishers, that the publisher […]

  • Facebook Manifesto, Updates for Android

    Earlier this week, Zukerberg in his manifesto of 6000 word letter to save the world showed that there is future from Facebook. In this manifesto, he expresses his plans to make the world a better place by connecting everything in meaningful ways. ©ChuksGuide Facebook to using more AI (Artificial intelligence) to achieve their goals including […]

  • How to fix “Error validating access token” on Facebook for Android

    Conventionally, access tokens for users on Facebook  can become invalid for some reasons. Unlike in developers mode, this issue of expired access token can be experienced on Facebook for Android either when you logged out of either Facebook or Messenger, when user changes password. This could happen when your Facebook app is currently logged in […]

  • How to turn off Facebook Messenger online “active now” to offline

    Image / Shutterstock Let me guess, you have been looking for a way to stay invisible on Facebook messenger online list? You have wished to stay low key to few people? or you just don’t always need to be typing with almost any chat. Hope I got it right? I guess you have been pissed […]

  • Facebook and Messenger Tricks 2020

    Image / Marketingland I am going to share few tricks we have come around this year and few years back also. I have earlier written about Facebook tips and tricks sometimes ago but below is a farewell post for 2016. You may like:  Managing Facebook Restricted List Facebook Tips 2020 #1 Make your Facebook status […]

  • How to gain popularity and increase engagement from Facebook posts

    Image  by /Freepik Gaining popularity and increasing engagement on Facebook is quite a broad course to discuss. Depending on what area of popularity one wishes to gain, it requires few tricks to come by. On the other side, it applies with boosting engagements from Facebook posts. Understanding the relationships between popularity and engagement on Facebook […]

  • Facebook Friendship – See your relationship with friends

    Facebook is like a coined virtual local community – Friends respond to each other through posts and comments which sometimes bring misunderstanding and other things like that. The other part tells how people respond to your emotions via posts, comments and likes. That is Facebook friendship. Most people on Facebook take every activities like birthday […]