How to search Old Facebook Posts on your Timeline

If you are looking for a way on how you can search Facebook old posts, then this article is for you. The old Facebook posts could be the posts you wrote years or few months ago. it could be a photo caption, friend’s posts you shared, birthday wishes or what your friend posted on your […]

Facebook Privacy – How to Protect Your Personal Information on Facebook

As huge as Facebook is as a social media network, you still have the option to effectively manage your Facebook privacy against prying eyes and stalkers. Facebook has lot of different setup or preferences to walk you through depending on how strict you wish to set your Facebook account. I will list the following settings […]

COVID-19: Can I import goods from China amid Coronavirus?

UPDATED: Covid-19 has no health impact on mini importation in Nigeria. You’re very free to start importation. It is not the time to fret rather be precautionary. For the past few days, China has recorded no new cases of Coronavirus except in a likely situation of imported cases. Now, businesses in China are open. Most […]

How to Ignore Instagram Messages DM without blocking

The same way you can ignore someone’s message on Messenger, you can also ignore messages on Instagram without blocking the user. To ignore someone’s messages on Instagram or what is called “DM”, you only need to follow these simple steps. Steps to ignore Instagram DM Open your Instagram DM Open the message of someone you […]

How to change Snapchat Birthday or Age 2020

To change Snapchat birthday or age,  this short guide will walk you through. Changing your Snapchat birthday date means that you want to change when birthday charms will be available to your Snapchat friends. Follow the steps below to change Snapchat age or birthday. Open / Launch Snapchat Tap on your profile photo like you […]

How to change nickname on Snapchat 2020

Whatever you decide to change on Snapchat – whether to change Snapchat username or screen name or display name,  this short guide will walk you through. On Snapchat, the only thing you can change is the nickname or screen name. It is impossible to change the username one uses to login. Here’s the fact. A […]

How To Fix Bad Pool Header Error? Solved Here

Probably, you have noticed that your computer is showing the bad pool header error while restarting your computer which indicates your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. The reason behind this error is that your computer If you are one of the users who is searching for a solution to fixing Bad […]

The Best AliExpress Shipping Methods vs Worst Shipping method

Literally, there is specifically no best AliExpress shipping methods. The urgency of the item and how someone needs an item determines what best shipping method to use. On the other hand, the worst AliExpress shipping method is simply easy to identify. AliExpress shipping is said to be worse when it creates frustration for the buyer. […]


Complete Mini Importation Secrets from 1688, Alibaba, Taobao to Nigeria

Let me assume, you’re probably too excited on how to import products from China to Nigeria and make reasonable profits as you have read online? But that is not just enough! It is recommended that you learn those mini importation secrets before taking the journey of buying from China to selling to Nigeria. Please permit […]


Solved: Cannot receive verification code?

One of the most frustrating things about and is the failure to receive verification code to complete one’s registration on either platform. It is frustrating because one has to pass through the stress of translating one page from Chinese to English yet still cannot receive verification code. If you are in Nigeria, there […]