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  • Can’t sign up on Tinder? Learn how to fix it Problems signing up on Tinder

    Can’t sign up on Tinder? Sometimes it becomes difficult with problems signing up on Tinder as a result of Facebook – Tinder integration. If you have encountered problems signing up on Tinder, then it could be as a result you have tried to sign up on Tinder using your Facebook account. Most times, users who […]

  • How to Completely Leave Multiple Telegram groups and Channels at once

    If you’re stuck in multiple Telegram groups or channels but have been looking for a way to leave them at once without doing it one after the other, then this guide is for you. Telegram officially does not support multiple deletion of groups or channels at the time of this guide. It only allows one to […]

  • How to hard reset Infinix Hot 5

    There are many reasons why you may wish to hard reset Infinix Hot 5. Hard resetting your Android device is never a thing to fear. You might be wondering what difference exist between Hard reset and factory reset but that will be story for another day. To factory reset or hard reset Infinix Hot 5 […]

  • How to fix You received a message but your version of WhatsApp doesn’t support it.

    Whenever you receive this warning message on WhatsApp – You received a message but your version of WhatsApp doesn’t support it. Update your WhatsApp, it means you should one thing. As WhatsApp keeps releasing new features to its platform, those new features requires that your own WhatsApp must be up to date before it can […]

  • How to search Old Facebook Posts on your Timeline in 2022

    If you are looking for a way on how you can search Facebook old posts, then this article is for you. We have explained everything you need to know in searching your old Facebook posts The old Facebook posts could be the posts you wrote years or few months ago. it could be a photo […]

  • How to fix Infinix battery drain so fast and All battery problems

    Battery drain is common on Android phone models more especially for low level Android smartphone users. But excessive Infinix battery drain can be as a result of few things discussed in this guide. Low level Android smartphone users simply means those that has limited control over their Android phones. They are neither on root, Xpose […]

  • How to fix Facebook Messenger stuck on sending & other issues in 2022

    If you have noticed that your Facebook messenger stuck on sending while trying to send a message to your friend, then this article has explained everything you need to know. We have explained the following issues that are also related to why your messenger messages are not sent nor delivered. Facebook messenger stuck on sending Facebook messenger […]

  • How to Ignore Instagram Messages DM without blocking

    The same way you can ignore someone’s message on Messenger, you can also ignore messages on Instagram without blocking the user. To ignore someone’s messages on Instagram or what is called “DM”, you only need to follow these simple steps. Steps to ignore Instagram DM Open your Instagram DM Open the message of someone you […]

  • Complete Mini Importation Secrets from 1688, Alibaba, Taobao to Nigeria

    Let me assume, you’re probably too excited on how to import products from China to Nigeria and make reasonable profits as you have read online? But that is not just enough! It is recommended that you learn those mini importation secrets before taking the journey of buying from China to selling to Nigeria. Please permit […]

  • Solved: Cannot receive verification code?

    One of the most frustrating things about and is the failure to receive verification code to complete one’s registration on either platform. It is frustrating because one has to pass through the stress of translating one page from Chinese to English yet still cannot receive verification code. If you are in Nigeria, there […]