Author: Shruba Aryan

  • How to reate WhatsApp Community on iPhone

    WhatsApp Community shares similarity with Slack. In Slack, it each workspace has child channels. This is exactly the same with WhatsApp community. In this post, I will explain to you how you can create WhatsApp Community What is WhatsApp Community? Before you start, make sure that your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. Else, […]

  • How to make money on Facebook Professional Mode

    In our last post we solved the issues of professional mode not showing and how you can turn on Facebook professional mode. Now, we have discussed how you can make money on Facebook professional mode. How does Facebook professional mode work? It is just a new feature on how one can blend their personal profile […]

  • This is What to do when Messenger did not answer (Messenger Call)

    If you have tried calling your friend or loved one on messenger but it keeps showing “did not answer”, we have written an article that explained the reason why the messenger did not answer. Here’s the link to the previous article – Facebook Messenger Call Did Not Answer – This is Why it did not […]

  • Verizon Outage: Why can’t I make calls, Slow internet?

    Are affected by either no internet, slow network, you can’t make calls nor text as a result of the Verizon outage? A lot of things could be the issues. The most likely of them is outage. There are two forms of outage.  It could be either internet outage or phone outage. The solution is not […]

  • AT&T Outage: Why can’t I make calls, Slow internet?

    AT&T Outage: Why can’t I make calls, Slow internet?

    If you live in the Newton, Dallax, Miami ,Marysville , Round Rock, TX , West Tawakoni Tx, Jacksonville , Chanute and to name a few, you might have been affected by either no internet, slow network, you can’t make calls nor text. This should not be the first time a situation like this has happened […]

  • Fix WhatsApp notification not working on iPhone after Transfer

    If your WhatsApp notification on your iPhone stops working or not popping up, then this quick guide can help you solve the problem.   Firstly, if you have checked on Settings > WhatsApp and you cannot find the notification menu, then you should follow the next option. How to solve WhatsApp notifications not working on […]

  • [Solved] Your Facebook account is restricted

    If you have received a disturbing notification from Facebook saying “Your account is restricted for 2 days, 7 days, or 48 hours”, “You can’t post, comment or use Messenger” then this article can guide you on how to deal with it. Please note that a Facebook account restriction is different from a disabled Facebook account. […]

  • [SOLVED] How to fix Tinder Error A:40303 – Why you can’t login

    We earlier shared a guide on how fix Tinder oops something went wrong error. In this article, we have shared the reason why you cannot login on Tinder as a result of the Tinder Error A:40303. We have listed nine reasons either of which might result why cannot login on Tinder. You can as well […]

  • [SOLVED] How do I cancel all Pending Facebook friend requests in 2022?

    [SOLVED] How do I cancel all Pending Facebook friend requests in 2022?

    Worried about why pending Facebook friend requests? Why some people have not been accepted your friend request? Worry not again, In this article, you will learn how to see list of who has not accepted your Facebook request and simple way to cancel all pending Facebook friend requests in a single click. Are you ready? […]

  • How to send message to Instagram Private Account without following

    If you need to send a direct message to a private account on Instagram, then this short guide will help you send a message without having to follow them. Here is what you will do Open Instagram Get the Instagram handle of the private account you want to send a direct message to Now,  choose […]