Author: Shruba Aryan

  • What is Facebook & Messenger Active Status? Learn How it works

    Facebook Active Status is a privacy feature that allows you as a Facebook user to turn off your online status while on Facebook. Messenger Active Status allows you to turn off your online status or to avoid showing how many hours active ago you left Messenger. How does someone know that I am online on […]

  • [SOLVED] I cannot reply to Facebook Stories

    If you find it very hard to reply to your friend’s Facebook stories or Facebook status, he or she has not blocked you. Sometimes when you want to reply to a friend’s Facebook story, it will appear to be sent not yet sent. It happens in few cases. The simple guide to quickly reply to […]

  • Twitter Ban in Nigeria – Easy Steps to Access Twitter in Nigeria with VPN

    Twitter Ban in Nigeria – Easy Steps to Access Twitter in Nigeria with VPN

    If you still cannot access Twitter in Nigeria as a result of the current Twitter ban by the Federal Government, we have written down simple steps on how to access Twitter. Requirements Your smartphone – iPhone or Android VPN – Free or Paid Few tricks on Twitter Location settings (optional)   If you’re using Android, […]

  • Clubhouse Online Status: How to know who is online on Clubhouse

    Looking for a way to find the Clubhouse online status or to know who is online on Clubhouse? This short guide will walk you through it. Knowing who is online on Clubhouse works the same way it works on Facebook and Instagram. On Clubhouse, it still shows the same dark green circle attached to the […]

  • How to fix Alipay Tourpass Fund Loading Failed Error Message

    How to fix Alipay Tourpass Fund Loading Failed Error Message

    If you receive the error message “Fund Loading Failed: the current transaction is risky and we interrupted the transaction for your security.” while trying to fund your Alipay Tourpass wallet, then are few things you may need to try. Note: The most chance of getting this Tourpass error message, Fund Loading Failed, is usually from […]

  • How to Get PAID on Clubhouse App – iPhone & Android users

    How to Get PAID on Clubhouse App – iPhone & Android users

    The Clubhouse App has a new feature that allows content creators to get paid offering values. In this way, anyone can set up the Send money feature in order to get something like a tip or appreciation for the values the speakers in a room have offered. For you to get paid on Clubhouse, you have […]

  • How to Change Tinder Name to Nickname or any name

    On our recent post, we wrote a simple guide about How to change Tinder Age in 60 seconds. Now in this post, you will also learn how to change Tinder name to any personalized name of your choice. Before you continue, you may need to understand few things about the dating app, Tinder and its Facebook […]

  • Clubhouse: How to send or Get Clubhouse Invite from Friends without Code

    In this guide, you will learn the two ways to either get Clubhouse invite from your friends or how to manually add them to join Clubhouse. To get a clubhouse invite from your friends, family member or colleague, you must have an iPhone. If you want to send an invite to them, they must have […]

  • Clubhouse: How to Start a room on Clubhouse App

    New on Clubhouse app and cannot wait to start a room on clubhouse? Then this short guide is for you. Here are the steps to follow to create your first Clubhouse room. Follow as much clubs as you can. You have to be very purposeful with the kinds of clubs you join or follow. When […]

  • Clubhouse App: How to Quickly Grow More Followers on Clubhouse

    New to the Clubhouse app? You might probably be wondering how you can quickly grow more followers from 10 to thousands. Getting to grow your Clubhouse followers is a lot different from those of Instagram or Tiktok. What is Clubhouse app? Clubhouse is an invite-only audio chat app. Unlike other social platforms, you’re only allowed […]