How to fix Infinix Hot 4 Fast charge not working

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Your Infinix Hot 4 fast charge not working and battery take more time to charge is because you just updated to Nougat 7.x.

If your battery has been great, fast charge charger working very well before you perform Infinix Nougat update, then you will need to work on your update.

Infinix Hot 4 has developed a lot of issues with Nougat 7 updates to almost 80% of its users. This is because they installed those Infinix Beta updates.

We have written a lot of articles in regards to the Infinix Hot 4 issues. You may need to check them below before continuing;

However, there’s a walkthrough first hand to tell you fix

  • Fast charge not working
  • Battery will only charge when turned off
  • Battery stops charging without reaching 100%
  • Battery quickly charge to 100% in few minutes and runs down in less time

This walkthrough involves calibrating your battery to maintain a state of charge mismatch. This state of charge(SOC) mismatch can be felt when a battery quickly charge to 100% in few minutes which in a normal sense it is not.

Sometimes it may show a less battery percentage but could even last more than a full charge state.

How to Calibrate battery

  1. Turn your Infinix on and make sure to charge it full
  2. Turn off your Infinix and leave it plugged-in to the charger even though it is fully charged
  3. After sometime, unplug the charger and boot your phone for use
  4. Use the phone from 100% until it discharges to to 0% and eventually shutdown
  5. Now reconnect your charger until it is able to turn on your phone
  6. Then boot your phone and complete the charging to 100%

Your caliberation is complete! This will take time for people that finds it hard to charge their phone to complete. If the caliberation could not be achieve because battery take more time to charge, then you should consider moving back to Marshmallow.

Moving back to your previous Android version is a definite solution to Infinix fast not working. We have written a guide on rolling back to Marshmallow. Below is a summary from our previous article

How do I go back to Marshmallow, Android 6.0?

It is very technical for a normal user to roll back to a previous Android OS especially when they have no idea about the technicality. In summary, take your phone to a professional phone software technician and let them flash your Infinix to Marshmallow.

You can still do it by yourself only if;

  • You have your stock firmware
  • You have idea about MTK firmware flashing
  • Your MTK PC drivers are available and working
  • You have MTK flashing tool like SP Flash tool, MTK Droid tool or Miracle box or
  • You already have a backup of your ROM using any of the available custom recovery tools(Philz, CWM or TWRP)

In a case where you have no idea about the above tools, kindly take your device to a specialized phone software technician and be at peace.

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NOTICE: If you are not too certain if they problem is from your charger, USB charging port or battery; then run some test on them by using a different good charger. Make sure that it is a fast charge charger.

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